Would you like an 5x increase in your Pipeline?

Yes! Let's Do It!

The Process

The reason for this intro process, is for us to get to understand one another and see if we will be a great fit. Like you, we don't like churn But we love client retention. We invest back into our clients, some the company and (or) the individuals who have reached out Zeari Digital Solutions.

Growth Concerns

As fellow business owners we understand the struggle of customer retention and client acquisitions for your companies growth.

Reach out 

Finding the right partnership can seem like a daunting task and brings up questions and doubts, We understand, reach out to us and we will help even if we're not sure who you want to partner with.



In this part of the of the process we actively listen to your goal, concerns about  your company's future, We will ask questions to find out what you have tried but most of all get to know you. We are actively looking for partnerships and if we don't think you will not be a good fit t we will advise you and direct you to another company within our network of growth/blitz hackers.

Partner Agreement

Congratulations!!! if we make it this far it's due to the fact that we see a value in a partnership. We are an Exclusive Digital Solutions Firm and Everything we do is confidential.

The Silent Partner(s)

With confidence you can sit back and do what you do best which is lead your company, while we handle everything digital. Growth hacking and blitz hacking is one of the things we love to do and with over 5 million possible combinations we find the best solutions for you company's growth.

A Digital Solutions Firm You Can Depend On 

Simplify your business 

Partner with us and leave the growth to us!!.

We Did It!!

 Pledge 1 % It's Official, Zeari Digital Solutions Inc. had decided to take the plunge and partner with Pledge 1%.. We will be donating a minimal of 1% of our profits to strategically impact the world and make it a better place for All. If you and your company would like to the pledge, just hit the logo below. (it will open another tab for you).