Why Zeari Digital Solutions

Zeari Digital Solutions is an elite and exclusive firm that is always there for our clients. We invest back to our clients whether it's the company and (or) the person that reached out to us. 

We utilize algorithms to find the best possible outcomes that coincides and possibly surpasses your goals.

With Zeari DIgital Solutions you have a partner with a network that turned and idea on paper for a new real estate company from an idea to 108,757,750 in sales in 5 yrs.

For years prior to formation the founder of Zeari was a growth management consultant which turned a small call center in Layton, Utah with 4 outbound sales appointment setters of merchant card readers servicing the surrounding area to servicing 3 states.

Mr. Huggins have also helped companies strategize plans for both internal and external growth both nationally and internationally. For some mom and pop, start-ups, and smaller non profits he has offered his services for free.

At times you can hear him say, Ï'm allergic to basic and you should be also."

He is truly the man behind the scenes. 

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